About Srimanta Foundation

About Us

Srimanta Foundation for Culture and Society is a charitable Trust working towards upholding and preserving the abiding principles of non-violence and humanism, peace and development, unification and social integration in Assam, the Northeast and other parts of the country. Since its inception and inauguration on April 8, 2003 by the erstwhile Hon’ble Governor of Assam, Lt. General (Rtd.) S.K. Sinha in Guwahati; the Foundation has been striving to spread and realise the egalitarian principles as laid down by Srimanta Sankardev, the sixteenth century Assamese Bhakti saint and social reformer (see link) and the visionary rulers like Chaulung Syukapha and Nara Naryana.

For the last sixteen years we have been working towards building up of social security and capital among the ethnic tribes and non tribes of Assam through innovative programs aimed at social reengineering. To this end, we experiment through dance, music and other art forms as well as research, documentation, seminars, workshops and discussions as media of communication and unification. (see link HISTROY of Foundation).

Organisational Structure

The Trust is organized in a three tiered structure. The Board of Trustees is the apex decision making body. The Council of Members form the second tier which is also advisory in nature. The third tier comprises of the actual grass root workers referred to as Sanskritic Missions. These Missions implement the programs and activities and forms the primary component of the Foundation (see link Org. Structure).

Organizational Profile

Sanskritik Missions

Jengraimukh Sanskritik Mission, Jengraimukh, Majuli, Jorhat

The Sankritik Missions are the nerve centers of the Foundation. They are the on-field workers building bridges among communities through cultural exchanges.

Council of Members

Hem Ch Doley, Jilika Path (opp Silpagram), Panjabari, Guwahati – 37
Bijon Kalita, Panbazar, Jasawanta Road, Guwahati - 1
Jyoshna Pegu Doley, Jilika Path (opp Silpagram), Panjabari, Guwahati – 37
Dr Shantana Saikia, Jogen Saikia Path, Jorhat-1
Aneel Goenka
Pranjal Baruah
Manoj Deka

What we do:

1. Research, Document, Preserve and Promote in audio, video, written / printed forms, the systems and practices of the multi ethnic Assamese society, its norms and values, traditions and challenges which will lead to a better understanding of its unique socio- cultural landscape and required measures for harmony.

Projects undertaken:

  • Transliteration of Vaishnavite texts
  • Preservation of religious manuscripts
  • Exploration of cross- cultural ties with Myanmar
  • Organizing seminars, discussions and workshops

2. Engagement with Society:

Projects undertaken: Cultural
  • Regular classes on folk and classical art forms under the sanskritic missions.
  • Performances of translated classical sattriya texts into local languages other than Assamese
  • Encouragement of cross- cultural and linguistic exchange among ethnic communities
  • Teacher training programs
  • Performances by tribal artists of the classical bhaona in their local language

  • Awareness programs and surveys on health and hygiene
  • Medical camps with collaboration with Government agencies
  • Veterinary camps for cattle
  • Involving third party volunteers mainly from the student community